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The Institute, Market Place   Padstow, Cornwall.   PL28 8AH

Founded in 1971 by an enthusiastic group of local residents headed by retired boat builder Bill Lindsey, and is maintained and staffed by volunteers,

Our unique collection of  artefacts presents an insight into the Social History of the Port of Padstow over the past two centuries.

This small but interesting museum is situated just 20 metres from the harbour side in Padstow on the North Cornish Coast.

  Padstow is an important fishing port and harbour of refuge on the North Coast of Cornwall, a haven for many visiting yachtsmen .





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  It was from here that Cornishmen and their families embarked for a new life in the North America after the collapse of the

 Cornish Tin mining industry.

  Padstow probably best known for its celebration of the coming of Summer with its Obby - Oss festivities on the 1st May each year, this being well documented in the Museum archives.

The introductory music to the site is just a glimpse of Padstow’s very special Mayday Celebrations



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