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John Buckingham  Chairman

Karen Wright Treasurer

Daphne Hicks Secretary


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General Enquires


Volunteers Rosemary & Pat listing box contents

Volunteers Chris & Ann checking storage boxes

IMG_6650.JPG If you wish to donate or become a supporter of our museum, for details please contact the Treasurer by e-mail

The museum is an independently run charity, we receive no government subsidies and are completely dependant on any donations at the door, and from our supporters.

We have accreditation status with the Arts Council England

The museum is staffed by a dedicated body of volunteers  under the chairmanship of local historian John Buckingham (Bard)

There are seven appointed trustees who are responsible for the overall administration  of the Padstow Museum.

  We retain the services of an MDO ( Museums Development Officer) Ms Stephanie Meads.

  Pictured  below are; left to right,   

      Rosemary Greaves,Stephanie Meads, John Buckingham (Chairman), George Barnes,