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World War 1 Ephemera & Relics

WWI Photo Frame (1).JPG

This interesting photo frame made from WWI gunmetal records the campaigns fought around the Dardenelles.  On 3 November 1914, Churchill ordered the first British attack on the Dardanelles following the opening of hostilities between Ottoman and Russian empire

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WWI Photo Frame (2).JPG

Another photo frame

of the same period.This commemorates the Battle of Jutland.

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Savings Card.jpg

WWI Savings book

Unfortunate that the symbol of the swastika was that used for the stamps, but this was before  the rise of the Nazi regime.

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Saving Card WWI.jpg

Contents showing the actual savings stamps as available to help the war effort

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WWI Xmas card.jpg

WWI Embroidered Christmas Card

Museum artefact

Shell case from Q Ship Viola of Padstow

Museum Artefact






Instructions for use of Signalling Lamp

Loan from Tim Parr

WWI Aircraft Receiver

Loan from Tim Parr

WWI Signalling Lamp

Know as Trench Lamp


Loan from Tim Parr

Front cover of WWI aircraft receiver

Loan from Tim Parr

Instruction leaflet for use with Trench Lamp

Loan from Tim Parr